Our Journey...

Think we forgot to tell you a lil bit about what sort of vacay we're on! Last September of 2011, Dad retired. He and momzers got an RV and decided to plan a trip across the country, visiting national parks on the way to Maine (where's that?) for a family reunion. That's a long trip from northern California! Anyway, this blog is now a record of our travels across the good ole U.S. of A. and even Canada - plus all the things we get to do and see! We started our journey mid-March and hope to be back in NoCal by mid-October - yeah!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Award and Nice Day for a Mini-Outing!

Sweet Yoda from Barking Out Loud passed this award to me and I send apologies to Yoda for not having acknowledged his thoughtfulness in thinking of me sooner! There are rules for accepting this award: First, I have to list 7 things to share about me!
1. Here's one y'all already know: I LOVES my kong! - in the water, on the grass - anywhere at all. It is my furry favorite toy ever!
2. I love to eat - anything...but foodables is best. Mom just changed up my diet this week - I am eating part raw food and this morning (hold onto your stomachs...) I ate raw ground turkey and organ meats and it was pawesomely good.
3. I am learning more and more about my new baby sisfur, Avalon, every day. I'm trying to be a good example for her morning outside bizzness, if you know what I mean heheh. She's doing purty good at copying me! I'm furry interested in her and she seems to love me with great amounts of enthusiasm - mayhap too much sometimes, fur me! We'll be workin' on working it out!
4. I adore swimming - I will swim in ponds, oceans, streams and lakes. There is nothing better in any weather, any season than paddling around in deep waters! (Add kong to the recipe and I'm in heaven...)
5. I loves my peeps and they really love me. Especially getting a ton of loving lately from lots of people! I also loves the grandpeeps - I'm furry good with little, little peeps!
6. You should probably know that Ozzie and I are getting to be pretty good pals these days! She still doesn't know the rules of canine play, but that's okay, cause we've kinda figured out our own rules!
7. Many of you know that Sierra Rose is my BFF, so I loves it when she comes over and plays - she's a firecracker dog, even though she's a golden, and stimulates me to get moving and play hard! Loves you Sierra!
Part the second is to pass this award on to 15 pals and since I think the entire bloggie world has this cool award, PLEASE, if you don't have it yet, take this award and tell us all seven things about you - it's neat to find out your fun facts!
So here I am at Blackie's Pasture yesterday. Something got on Mom's lens, so it's a bit blurry, but I think that this shows how much I love my kong heheh! On land....

On the beach....

In the water...

Showing my sister about how cool kongs are! Isn't Dad's hair funny in the wind?!!! Hope you are having a great weekend.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Gotcha Day!

My secretary is woefully late in posting about this most important date - shame on my assitant! (But I loves her lots and lots anyway and here's the tale...) On May 27, 2007, I was living at the Carlsons, who have a furry, furry cool place in a town north of here called Sebastopol. They live in the hills with lots of room to run around - perfect for me - recovering from a bad case of kidney disease at 9 months old. Norcal Golden Retriever Rescue had rescued me from the Humane Society, where my old (and I mean elderly) peeps had dropped me off, cause they could no longer care for me. When I met my furever new peeps, I dropped to the ground and let them rub my belly, which they did for a long time. Then the Carlsons and my new pawrents had a pretty darned long talk (c'mon guys!) and finally, I just jumped onto the back seat of the open door and lay down. I was ready for the party to start! I did love the Carlsons, but adventure beckoned and I was ready! I loved my new peeps and they sure loved me back. And so... we've been living near San Francisco ever since and through this blog, I share my fun (and not-so-fun) with you! And man, is there some new stuff happening around here. Stay tuned. And if you want to check out some past posts about the fun (and not-so-fun), you can go to these places:

We have also apparently (I tells ya, my mom is totally oblivious these days...) passed a milestone. This is our 204th post - let's party down! Oh - and some of you know I have a new sisfer, Avalon. You might have caught sight of her a couple of posts ago. She's okay. She's best this way:

Monday, May 24, 2010


March 12, 2000 - May 24, 2010

You touched the hearts of so many the world over. Rest in Peace, sweet Max.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Open Practice and a Confession...

My dumbell skills are coming along! I'm so very proud of myself and Mom quadruples that! Here is a little collage of retrieving the dumbell over the high jump and doing sits and downs with Shanti while Mom is out of sight for about half the time. For Open, the sits are for 3 minutes and the downs for five minutes. Often, I really like to lie down during the sits - I just gets tired!

So. Here's the confession part! I know that some of my pals may remember Jackson - my true love!

I met him at the Art Bark Fest in Squaw Valley. It was lots of fun to see tons of doggies, but mostly to participate in the Dock Diving. Jackson was there to dock dive too. While Mom and Jackson's Ma jawed away, a big van stopped. A whole bunch of dogs tumbled out and one was... Jackson's Mom, Sport, who I also met. My Mom also met Sport's Mom.

Is this getting too confusing yet? It's hard to see, but my mom and Sport's mom had a talk. Ma never forgot it or Sport... or Jackson, obviously, and that was way back last September. Well... every weekend since March, Mom and Dad and I have been visiting Sport and her new babies. I could smell them when Mom and Dad came back from visiting!

Yesterday, we went down to visit again, only this time, we rode home with one of Sport's babies who was to live with me and Dad and Mom. My new sister's name is Avalon, and believe it or not, I actually like her! (It took a few hours, but now I follow her around everywhere!)

(Above picture courtesy of Tigana Goldens)
I know that one day, we'll have lots of adventures together, but for now, I still get to do all the special stuff with my peeps, cause Avalon sleeps so much! Today, for instance, I went to Blackie's Pasture for some pawesome swimming! [And besides, with Avalon (half sister to Jackson) here, I'll have a part of that handsome boy with me all the time!]

Puppy Zzzzzzzzzzzzs.

Friday, May 21, 2010

A Good Day for a Spa Treatment...

My messy "Before" paws and below, my "After" picture!

Every couple of weeks or so, I take a little road trip to the local P.F.E. Resort and Spa where I take my treatments. Although I refuse to believe the rumors, I apparently start out smelling pretty bad. Soon, however, I emerge, to my snooter, fairly perfumy stinky, but my peeps seem furry happy with the result of all those ministrations. Here is a photoshow of my Spa experience(best if watched biggified!)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sundry Sunday Scraps

Hi Blog Pals!
A few days before Mom's Day, Sierra tried to wrest my football squeakie from me. But I'm taller, see....

Meanwhile... on Ma's Day, the sweet grandpeeps, Cameron, Emma and Hannah yuk it up!

Whew! That was exhausting!

(Ma: For the next couple of weeks, we'll be on a half-time blog schedule - we've cut back already from our norm - sorry we haven't visited you for a few days. We look forward, however to seeing what our amazing friends are up to! Hugs from Sammie and Mom)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"Open" Practice

So now it appears that I has to learn some NEW stuff! As if the OLD junk wasn't enough. And the new tricks has to do with a dumbell, which is NOTHING even remotely like my beloved KONG!!! Dumbells stink! But with some clicker practice, I get the idea finally. But it wasn't enough that I went and picked up that thing a coupla feet away. Now they throws it far and wants me to get it while wearing a flexi! Can you imagine? In the first picture, I'm waiting while Mom throws "it."
Above, feel like a packmule running against that line, working to get my teeths around that bar. The moment I glom onto it, they lock the flexi and yell "come"! As if... where else am I gonna go? (From Mom: Sammie isn't allowed to paw the dumbell, which she enjoys doing, so the flexi serves as a reminder to pick up the object and return it immediately - I'm somewhat torn about this difficult training, especially since I'm still so green, but Sam's always happy to get here, wagging her tail with a smile, so... we'll keep it up for now!)

So yous all can see that I has no problem bringing it back to Ma, except I spit it out.

So Barbara had a go with me and made me hold that thing between my teefies until I "resisted" and gripped it firmly without mouthing.

Comme ca. No, it didn't hurt, but it was so annoying. Luckily, I do like one new exercise called the Broad Jump. Thank goodness fur that! But I have a lot of work ahead for "Open."

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Look Who Came To Play!

It's the beautiful Cabana girl, all the way from Petaluma! Unlike me, she is the total social butterfly and made so many friends here at the Mill Valley Dog Park. We share a love for mud, of course - there was plenty of that and there was my kong too.
Hurry and throw it Ma! Been waiting all daaaayyyyy!

Love Love Love this! But where's Cabana?

What a sweetie - she's welcoming me... or... staring at that bird up there 'bout 9 o'clock?

... does she want my kong, too? (There are a lot of kong thiefses here and everywhere, it seems.)

Hafta be on guard. "Cabana, if we don't get this back to a hooman, we can't water-chase it again and again."

Nope - wasn't letting go of it... Bout then, another golden named Rhea joined us for our grand finale number, but I know we'll get together with Cabana again. Check out Cabana's
blog to see her post about our visit together!